Zero Clearance, Zero Clutter

Zero Clearance, Zero Clutter

 We've seen the comments and heard the buzz, so here we are to answer the question, "do you guys carry zero-clearance beds?" Luckily for you, we have the answer to that question and more.

First off, what is zero-clearance? For those who have never heard of zero-clearance, let’s dig a little deeper. Zero-clearance is a base feature that gives you the ability to put their bed on any frame. This feature allows you to remove the base legs, which enables you to place the bed on whatever frame you want.

At Sven & Son, all but our Classic and Bliss bases are zero-clearance. But what does that mean for you? Many adjustable beds don’t allow for the use of storage bases because there would be nowhere for the legs to go. If you ask us, storage bases are a great way to utilize the often ignored under bed space for extra sheets, blankets, pillows, you name it!

Sven & Son offers many different options for designer beds, headboards, and bases. All of which are compatible with our zero-clearance bases. 


First off, we have our Eastman Platform Bed Base.

This platform base is a great choice for those of you who want a little something extra for your bed, and enjoy the clean, modern look.



Next, we have the Duncan Platform Bed Base.

The Duncan Platform Bed Base is an excellent choice for those of you who still want the sleek, minimalistic look that the Eastman has, but need some storage. This base has two drawers that give you just the right amount of space you need.



Need even more storage? We have the Watson Platform Bed Base.

This base is an excellent option for those who still want a sleek looking base but need more storage than what the Duncan can offer. The Watson does exactly that. This base has four drawers to create even more storage.


We don't know about you guys, but we love how clean and polished these bases look. Click here to shop zero-clearance adjustable beds! 



Sarah is the resident fall marketing intern at Sven & Son. When she isn’t becoming a master of all things sleep-related, she enjoys staying active and traveling. Sarah one day hopes to visit every place on her bucket list, which is a VERY long list!