Base de lit réglable de la série Platinum

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Découvrez la machine de sommeil ultime où chaque fonctionnalité ajoutée est disponible dans une base réglable: introduisant la série Platinum.

La série Platinum est conçue pour s'adapter à tous les types de matelas et comprend un support lombaire supplémentaire. La base réglable est la seule série où la table de chevet restera au niveau de la base. Notre application gratuite ajuste le lit, allume ou désactive les lumières sous le lit et contrôle tout de votre téléphone.


  • Jambes réglables de 12 "
  • Soulevez-la-tête jusqu'à 65 °
  • Soulevez de pied jusqu'à 45 °
  • Télécommande sans fil
  • Technologie de massage
  • Ports USB
  • Sous l'éclairage de lit
  • Inclinaison
  • Application gratuite
  • Support lombaire
  • Niveau avec table de chevet

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Expédition et livraison:

  • Livraison gratuite au sein des États-Unis continentaux.
  • Nous savons que vous êtes prêt à dormir. La livraison de gants blanc est disponible, qui comprend le déballage et l'assemblage de l'élément dans la pièce que vous préférez.

* Capacité maximale 660 lb.

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Christine A.
United States United States

Platinum Adjustable Bed Base

I received my bed base about 2 weeks ago and I love it! It was easy to assemble and after a little help from Sven & Son we were able to sync our two bases together for our king size bed. It has been a pleasure dealing with them and I couldn’t be happier with my new bed!

Takisha P.
United States United States

My bed bases

I'm loving my bed bases so far. I've waited a long time to finally decide to make such a great purchase. I'm glad I did! I'm getting the support that I didn't know I needed. It's such a difference now to watch TV in my bedroom. I'm much more comfortable. It was a pain in the neck to have to keep trying to position my pillows in a way that would support my back, even with a back support cushion in front of my pillows. That wasn't working. Now that I have this adjustable bed, it's so much better for me! Please buy this bed! Your body will thank you. It didn't take long to set it up and sync the remotes. They are quite heavy, but with adequate assistance, two people can really move them through the house and set them up in no time. I was even able to place them inside my existing bed frame in case I finally decide on a new headboard. You'd never know to look at it. I'm very pleased with my purchase.

Laurence M.
United States United States

After doing my research, even better than expectations

This was what I ordered after sending the one from another company back. My first order was for a competitive frame from one of the best established brands. Long story about the dealer but it arrived dirty, missing parts, etc and immediately went back. I did have a chance to look closely at the construction quality for what I was paying (more), and it looked cheap, the motors nothing special, and overall just poorly constructed. That was the competitor. I made a decision to look elsewhere. That is when I ran across Sven & Son. I picked up the phone because I had a bunch of questions. Rich there is highly knowledgeable in explaining to me the differences in construction and quality. It was also more than 80 lbs heavier. When my base arrived, the difference in construction was obvious. The whole company comes across as all-around top notch. Along with my new mattress (different company), according to my sleep tracking, I am gaining an hour on average of deep, delta sleep per night. I like to just raise the head a bit. I allows me to use one pillow which am finding that very comfortable. Still tweaking all these things but definitely loving it. For watching tv, a good movie or reading news on my devices, the tilting the head up feature improves the experience 100%. Also improves my posture. There are two head controls which really helps to dial it all in. I have been playing with the massage features. Find I like it low and just in the background for a few minutes here and there, sometimes only the foot area. The zero gravity feature is fun with lots of room to customize. The lumbar support is helpful adding welcome variations to back support. All the extras like Bluetooth, the app, the USB ports, underbed lighting, wall hugging features are all plusses. Sleep quality I judge by listening and feeling how mechanical things operate and whether they are well built. The numerous motors are strong, quiet, exact and slightly over spec in terms of load, which is a good thing. Means they will last that much longer with fewer issues as they age. The mechanical functions and range of motion compared to others are top notch. Whether you go with their mattress or another brand, just be sure it is made for an adjustable bed with a wide range of motion. Excellent all around quality and features, and the combination of great customer service makes this a winner. and you are sure to be a happy camper. On the remote, being in the sleep field, ample research shows blue light can cause sleep disruption, particularly in sensitive populations. A better choice of backlight would be 555nm green or in the amber range. An added feature would be motion sensitivity. If you give it a slight shake, the backlight will stay on for 3-5 seconds to give you a little time to select a feature. If I were to suggest one future other remote upgrade, it would be to make available additional programmable position options through the app. thx

Jacey M.
United States United States

Platinum Series Adjustable Base

Works great. Very heavy frame and solid build. Fast shipping. Need two or more to move it’s that heavy

Bouziane Y.
United States United States

Very nice adjustable bed

Very nice bed, and as advertised.