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Are adjustable beds worth it? [Yes] For These Seven Types of People

Are Adjustable Beds Worth It? [Yes] For These Seven Types of People

If you are in the market shopping for a new bed, you may have heard about adjustable beds and may be wondering what they are and whether these are a good fit for you.

To answer the question “are adjustable beds worth it,” we look at the primary benefits and the costs for various conditions and reasons customers may have.

We went in-depth discussing who benefits most from getting an adjustable bed. If you are one of these seven types of people, it is a no-brainer to invest in an adjustable bed - the benefits totally outweigh the cost.

> People with snoring issues

> People who sleep with someone that snores

> People who have acid reflux 

> People who recently had a surgery

> People who need a hospital bed 

> People who have back pain

> People who want to improve their sleep quality

What is an adjustable bed?

For years, people have been asking for customized beds that fit their body perfectly for a good night sleep. While there are various ways of customizing your beds and mattresses, manufacturers innovated something that helps most people achieve what they need with a simple and improved bed: an adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds are smart cousins of recliners - beds with motorized frames that allow you to change various sections of your bed so you can find the perfect sleeping position. Some adjustable beds even come with massage functions and lumbar support. 

If you and your spouse/partner have different preferences, you can each find your sweet spots using a split-king adjustable bed, too!

Who benefits most from adjustable beds?

An easier question may be who WOULDN’T benefit from an adjustable bed. 

According to National Institutes of Health, "1 in 3 US adults are sleep deprived and around 50 million to 70 million US adults have chronic sleep disorders (like sleep apnea).”

There are many reasons you might wake up at night and not go back asleep again - stress from work or school may have caused your lack-of-sleep problem, while other factors include medical conditions like chronic back pain and severe snoring issues that may keep waking you up at night.

The adjustable bed frames are built to provide the best night's sleep for people seeking more comfort or people with some of these medical conditions.

People with snoring issues will sleep better on adjustable beds, and so will the people sleeping next to them.

Millions of people around the world suffer from a condition called snoring. It's estimated that up to 57% of adult men and 40% or more women experience it at some point in their lives.

For some people, snoring is a sign that they suffer from a medical condition called Sleep Apnea - a sleep disorder that blocks breathing when you sleep. People with Sleep Apnea snore loudly and often feel tired even after a full night of sleep.

On the other hand, if you sleep next to someone that snores, you probably can’t sleep well either. 

With sleep apnea or other snoring issues, the upper body is often depressed because of a downward force on it when you lie flat. 

A great solution to snoring would be an adjustable bed which allows you to move the upper half and lower half of the bed independently with a simple remote control.

You can use an adjustable bed to elevate your head and chest higher than before so you can breathe more comfortably and easily when you sleep.

If you sleep with a partner with a snoring issue, but you enjoy sleeping flat, you can use a split-king adjustable bed to set different sleeping positions for you and your partner.

Sven and Son Classic Adjustable Bed

People who have acid reflux will sleep better on an adjustable bed.

Acid reflux is a very unpleasant experience for many people. 

The acids that are supposed to stay in your stomach leak over into the esophagus and then travel up toward your throat, which can make you feel like there's nothing between them but fire!

According to the American College of Gastroenterology, more than 60 million Americans have acid reflux at least once a month and 15 million people experience it daily.

Most people who experience acid reflux feel the symptoms get worse when they lie down or bend over because when you lie down or bend over, acid reflux travels up more easily into your throat than when standing or sitting up.

The adjustable bed is a modern-day miracle worker for those suffering from acid reflux. When sleeping on your back or side with your head and upper torso elevated, the stomach acid travels down easier.

You can adjust the angle and inclines to find the most comfortable position.

Sven and Son Bliss Adjustable Bed

People who recently had surgeries (ex. hip replacement, knee replacement, etc.) will sleep better on adjustable beds.

When you wake up after surgery, your body needs to be supported and aligned in order for the healing process. 

An adjustable bed is a much better choice than regular beds as they help improve your quality of life, offering relief from pain points and breathing problems. Here are six primary benefits of an adjustable bed after surgery:

  • Zero Gravity Sleep Position to Reduce Pressure
  • The head and foot sections of an adjustable bed can be adjusted to help reduce pressure on your spine. This is especially important for anyone who has had knee or hip replacement surgery, because pressure on these areas will cause pain and swelling. 

  • Adjustable Bed Can Improve Blood Circulation
  • The importance of blood circulation can't be overstated. It ensures that blood and oxygen continuously flow throughout the body, helping to heal wounds faster. 

    When the legs are raised higher than the torso, it allows blood to flow better. That is why many doctors recommend patients to sleep with a pillow under their leg after surgery.

    You can use an adjustable bed to raise your feet and legs - adjustable beds contour to your body, offering better alignment that will help keep your joints in proper position. 

    It offers more comfort and support than a pillow would.

  • Breathing Better On An Adjustable Bed
  • Raising your head and chest will help clear the airways, allowing for optimal breathing. For patients who have had upper-body or respiratory surgery, it is particularly important to sleep with your head elevated, because lying flat can make breathing more difficult. 

    Most adjustable beds control the upper-body section as one, but the Sven & Son Platinum adjustable bed frame allows additional control for head tilt. So you can change the angle of your head and chest to find the best position for a good night's sleep.


    Sven and Son Platinum Series Adjustable Bed


  • Reducing Back Pain
  • For many people, sleeping on their back causes them pain because it flattens out the lower spine, against the natural curve of the spine.

    Adjustable beds help you maintain that perfect cervical alignment by raising your upper-body and your feet/legs.

  • Sitting Up Easily
  • Getting up after surgery is often difficult because your body is in a weakened condition, but sitting up in an adjustable bed is easy. 

    You can simply use the remote control to bring your body to an upright position.

  • Sleeping Better
  • Good sleep is critical for fast healing and recovery. Because adjustable beds allow your body to sleep in a more natural and comfortable position, it helps you sleep better than on a regular bed.

    People who need a hospital bed but don’t want a hospital bed will benefit from an adjustable bed.

    Hospital beds are not known for their comfort. 

    They are designed to be portable and for its functions to tilt, guard (the sides), and easy to clean. Hospital beds are often made of metal, clunky and are small - the standard size of hospital beds is twin. 

    Most people complain their sleep quality decreases on a hospital bed.

    On the other hand, adjustable beds are designed for better comfort and fitting in a home setting.

    It does mostly what the hospital beds can do: raising the head, upper-body, and feet positions individually or together.

    The six main differences between a hospital bed and an adjustable bed are:

    1. Hospital beds offer a manual lever to adjust the positions, while an adjustable bed uses an electrical motor to adjust the positions. In case you lose power, you can still use the manual lever to change the positions on a hospital bed, but you can’t control an adjustable bed.
    2. Hospital beds have a height adjustment setting to allow patients to get out of bed easily, while an adjustable bed doesn’t have this setting. However, when you set up the bed, you can control the height of the bed and keep it low to make it easy to access.
    3. Hospital bed has wheels and adjustable beds don’t.
    4. Adjustable beds often come with massage options to help you relax. Hospital beds don’t have this feature.
    5. Adjustable beds come with all bed sizes, so you can simply replace your current bed instead of investing in something you may not need after a period of time.
    6. Adjustable beds have a split-king size that allows you and your partner to have different sleeping positions, so you can stay with your loved one and sleep comfortably together.

    People who have back pain will sleep better on an adjustable bed.

    This is not a myth as explained above, adjustable beds help reduce back pain by offering a natural couture to your body when you sleep in an inclined position.

    It is often recommended that people suffering from lower back pain, shift their sleeping positions so they are at an incline. This can help take some pressure off of your spine while you're asleep and make it easier for those who have difficulty moving around during the night time as well.

    According to Dr. Cone-Sullivan, people with the following conditions will benefit a lot from sleeping on an adjustable beds:

    1. Degenerative spondylolisthesis - lower back pain
    2. Osteoarthritis - joint pain
    3. Lumbar spinal stenosis - lower back pain

    How much do adjustable beds cost?

    If you Google how much adjustable beds cost, you’ll likely see a featured answer that says it typically costs $1,000 to $3,000 (USD).

    However, most customers purchasing adjustable beds spend more than that.

    When you purchase an adjustable bed, you will need an adjustable frame (base) and a compatible mattress.

    Adjustable frames cost as low as $400 and as high as $3,000 (in our opinion, it really shouldn’t be that much.)

    Adjustable mattresses cost as low as $500 and as high as $6,000.

    But at Sven & Son, our mission is to provide the highest quality adjustable beds (bundling adjustable frames and mattresses) at affordable prices. 

    Over the years, our efforts to streamline the global supply chain and leverage online sales have paid off. We offer the premium adjustable bed bundles from $995 to $2,995.

    Sven and Son Class Plus Bundle
    Sven and Son Platinum Bundle
    Sven and Son Classic Plus Bundle
    Sven and Son Platinum Adjustable Bed

    How long do adjustable beds last?

    Adjustable beds are supposed to be durable. But like any other types of products, you will find various qualities on the market.

    At Sven & Son, we make sure our adjustable beds last as long as (if not longer) than your regular beds, and we stand behind our products with the best (and the simplest) industry warranty (We’ve done our research. Contact us if you have questions about the details.)

    Bases: 10-25 years 

    Mattresses: 10 years

    Did we mention Sven & Son also offers a 120-Night Comfort Guarantee for free returns of our mattresses?

    Do doctors recommend adjustable beds?

    If you’ve read this far, you must have seen a few references of doctors recommending elevated/reclined sleeping positions and adjustable beds for various medical benefits.

    And if you need more concrete recommendations, here are three from reputable and top-ranking sources:

    Forbes Health: Sven & Son is the #1 recommended adjustable bed.

    The Joint Chiropractic


    Improve your sleep quality and life quality

    Adjustable beds are no longer hospital beds alternatives. They are simply the better, more modern, and smarter beds. 

    It is perfect for those who have trouble finding the most comfortable sleeping position. It allows you to raise your head and foot to reduce pressure on your spine, breathe smoother, and relax better.

    If you care about your sleep quality (who doesn’t?), we think you should try one and test it out.

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