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Snore No More: How Adjustable Beds Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Snore No More: How Adjustable Beds Can Help Improve Your Sleep

If you or someone you know is struggling with snoring, an adjustable bed may be worth considering. Not only can it improve sleep quality, but it can also lead to better overall health and well-being.

Snoring has a far-reaching impact, from disturbed sleep and fatigue to irritability and depression. But there may be hope yet! An adjustable bed can provide back support while allowing you to change your sleeping position - helping keep airways open for more restful slumber. Elevating the head or upper body further reduces snore sweet dreams can come true!

If you or someone you know is struggling with snoring, an adjustable bed may be worth considering. Not only can it improve sleep quality, but it can also lead to better overall health and well-being.

Causes of snoring

Understanding the various causes of snoring can help you better understand how an adjustable bed can help to alleviate these problems. The following are some of the most typical causes of snoring:


Excessive fat in the throat, which can obstruct airways and cause snoring, is a common side effect of being overweight or obese.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption before bed can relax throat muscles, which can also cause airways to become blocked and cause snoring.

Sleep position

Snoring may result from sleeping on one's back because doing so can make the tongue and soft palate fall backward into the throat.

Nasal congestion

Snoring may result from difficulty breathing through the nose due to congestion or other nasal issues.

By allowing for better sleep positioning and elevating the head and upper body to open up airways, an adjustable bed can help alleviate these causes. For instance, sleeping with the head and upper body elevated can lessen the chance that the tongue and soft palate will collapse. 

It's important to keep in mind that snoring can also be brought on by other underlying health issues, such as sleep apnea. If your snoring is chronic and impairing your quality of sleep, you should consult a doctor. 

How adjustable beds can help with snoring

With adjustable beds, you can find support and comfort in a variety of positions. Some of the things that make you snore may be eliminated with this. The following are a few ways that adjustable beds can reduce snoring:

Elevating the head and upper body

Elevating the head and upper body helps open airways, making it less likely for those who typically snore due to sleeping position to experience disruptions. The subtle change in elevation is able to keep obstruction of the tongue and soft palate from occurring - providing you with uninterupted shut-eye throughtout the night.

Wireless remote control

With the help of a wireless remote control, adjusting your adjustable bed is as simple and effortless as touching a button! Rather than having to physically move your bed into position for snore reduction or comfort, you can now adjust it with ease - giving yourself an easier route to restful sleep.

Customizable settings

Adjustable beds are a sleep-lovers dream, with settings that allow you to customize the firmness of your mattress. Say goodbye to snoring: get ready for nights filled with restful and rejuvenating slumber as this feature ensures an ideal level of comfort specifically tailored just for you!

Additional features 

Adjustable beds can be much more than just sleep-enhancing furniture - they could provide the perfect remedy for stuffy noses and help with snoring! Besides adjusting to your desired position, many models come equipped with massage options or even built-in humidifiers – two potential solutions for a better night's rest.

Different types of adjustable beds

So many adjustable beds, so little time! With a wide range of features and benefits to choose from, it's worth taking the time to explore your options. From motorized models with high-tech controls to basic manual designs - there is an adjustable bed out there for every lifestyle need. Go ahead – take control over how you sleep tonight!

Base-only adjustable beds

With a motorized base, you can adjust both head and foot height for added comfort - no need to purchase a special mattress either! Get ready for some luxury slumbers with this top-notch sleeping solution.

Adjustable bed with mattress

Adjustable beds with built-in mattresses provide a comprehensive sleeping experience! These models usually feature either memory foam or latex, perfect for those seeking an integrated solution and ultimate convenience.

Split adjustable beds

With adjustable beds, couples have the unique ability to tailor their sleep experience based on individual preferences and needs. Separate sections let each partner find the perfect level of support for a restful night's sleep – no matter what your sleeping habits may be!

Wall-hugger adjustable beds

Wall-hugger adjustable beds bring convenience to the bedroom. Elevate your bed without moving away from must-have items like nightstands and lamps, making it easy for those with mobility issues or who just want a little extra comfort to access their belongings while in bed.

Smart adjustable beds

Smart adjustable beds are revolutionizing the way people get a restful night's sleep. These high-tech marvels allow you to effortlessly adjust your sleeping position in unprecedented detail and even track how well you're sleeping with features like WiFi, mobile apps, and voice control. Say goodbye to tossing and turning as smart accessible beds will make adjustments on their own depending on your nightly routine!

Adjustable beds come in many shapes and sizes, making them an ideal option for sleepers of all kinds. With each adjustable bed offering its own distinctive set of features, you can find the perfect one to match your space, budget, sleeping style and comfort level. Before deciding on a specific model though it’s recommended that shoppers test out different models at local stores or through virtual showrooms - this way they have peace-of-mind knowing their investment is truly worth it!

Choosing the right adjustable bed

It's essential to take the time and investigate your options when selecting an adjustable bed. Think about what matters most for a comfortable night's sleep, such as mattress type, size of the frame, key features like massage motors or zero gravity settings - anything that helps you make sure it’s perfect for both comfort and safety!

Size and space

Before you commit to a bed purchase, be sure that it will fit in the space available. Measure twice and shop once for your perfect sleeping solution!

Sleep position

Whether you rest on your side, back or stomach, a bed tailored to fit can help reduce snoring and maximize relaxation. Elevating head and upper body is one way an adjustable mattress may benefit those who prefer sleeping on their sides – helping them drift off into sweet slumber soundly.

Comfort and support

Take your time to find the perfect adjustable bed! Try out a few different models at local stores and showrooms so you can feel just how comfortable they are, then make sure that each one is offering up enough support for your body before making any decisions.


Consider the features that are important to you, such as wireless remote control, customizable settings, built-in humidifiers, or massage options.


Adjustable beds have a range of prices to suit any budget, but remember that more expensive models may provide better features and warranties. Investigate your options carefully before making a decision – you'll be sleeping on it for years!


Before making your purchase, it's important to know what you'll be covered for should something go wrong. Most adjustable bed warranties are limited and only provide protection on the motor and other mechanical components; mattresses typically aren't included in this coverage.

Adjustable beds are an ideal solution for those suffering from sleep problems like snoring, acid reflux, COPD, or struggling with back pain. Different types of adjustable bed exist to suit different needs - size, sleeping position preferences, comfort levels and more should be taken into consideration when selecting the perfect mattress for a restful night's slumber. What’s more? Every investment is securely backed by manufacturer warranties that deliver added peace-of-mind so you can truly enjoy your new lifestyle!