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Can I Use My Existing Bed Frame?

Can I Use My Existing Bed Frame?

Everyone has their own unique style. For many of us, the bed frame ties the whole look of your bedroom together. Some of us take weeks researching, looking at different options, colors, and materials to find the perfect fit. When it's time to think about that upgrade to a Sven & Son adjustable bed base, it can be a top priority to make sure your existing bed frame, or headboard, will work. 

Short answer? Yes! You absolutely can use your existing bed frame or headboard with your new Sven & Son adjustable bed base. Your Sven & Son will sit on legs. The legs do not need to be secured to anything but do need to be on a flat surface and at the same height. Your adjustable bed base will then sit inside of your current bed frame.  

 Some things to note:

  • The adjustable bed base will not secure your bed frame. It will simply sit inside of it. If your bedframe needs wooden slats or a box-spring to keep it stable then you may need to reconsider the frame as well. 
  • Headboard Brackets  are sold separately from the adjustable bed base. Not everyone has a headboard, and not everyone has a bed frame, so they do not come included.  
  • Our adjustable bed bases fit most of your typical bedframes, but if you're unsure or worried, feel free to give our customer experience team a call at 904-474-9998 so they can confirm measurements with you. 
  • Our Classic+ and Platinum Series models are compatible with platform beds. 

Let's see your Sven & Son adjustable bed base! Post a picture to Facebook or Instagram, use the hashtag #svenandson, and tag us!  


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