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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - The Benefits of Sleeping With Your Pets

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - The Benefits of Sleeping With Your Pets

It has been a long debate on whether it is ideal to sleep with your pet at night. I personally could never have imagined not having my dog sleeping with me at night, but we know some might wonder if the pros outweigh the cons.  Here are a few reasons why you should let your furry friend in bed with you:

  1. A Renewed Sense of Security

Sleeping with a companion, especially a pet can make us feel safer in bed at night. When we are sleeping, our guard is down. Having a dog in bed with you as, especially a member of not only your family, but in their eyes your pack, can help with that.

  1. Keeping Warm

If you live in a northern environment, the cold winter months can be harsh. The average body temperature for a dog is 101 degrees and for a cat it is about the same, between 100 – 102 degrees. They are like built in bed warmers throughout the night. That said, it can be tougher in summer months, so think about changing out your linens for something more breathable.

  1. Can Lower Stress and Anxiety

We know this is almost a given but it’s too good to pass up mentioning. Sleeping with your pet at night can help with stress, anxiety, and depression. When cuddling someone you love at night, even your furry friend, your body naturally releases oxytocin, which is a natural hormone that relieves stress. So, snuggle them close!

Some tips to help you get started:

  1. Add a mattress protector to keep your mattress fresh.
  2. Keep your furry friend groomed as it can help with allergies.
  3. One last potty break right before getting into bed helps them know it is wind down time and they do not have another opportunity until you wake up in the morning.  



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