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Plush vs. Firm Mattress

Plush vs. Firm Mattress

> Firm vs Plush Mattress: Which Is Right for Your Sleep Position? 
> Plush and Firm Mattresses: Overview and Benefits 
> FAQ About Plush vs Firm Mattress 


Is it time to replace your mattress but don't know which mattress is the best option for you? What you sleep on each night is just as important as how long you sleep. Everyone has different comfort levels they need to have met to ensure that they fall asleep at night and wake up without any morning aches. Individuals who experience minimal lower back pain may prefer plush mattresses that offer additional support. However, Individuals with long-term back, neck, hip, or joint pain may be made worse by sleeping on a softer mattress and would be better suited to a medium-firm mattress. The debate on which mattress is the best or most comfortable is difficult to win because mattress density is a very personal topic. We figured we would shed some light on the pros and cons of each mattress and cover some commonly asked questions to help make your decision easier on whether a plush or firm mattress is right for you.

What Is a Plush Mattress? 

A good plush mattress is soft, supportive, and cushiony. When laying on a plush bed, the mattress hugs your body into a supportive material designed to maximize comfort. The most obvious difference in mattresses is the feel. Mattresses will vary in softness or firmness depending on what’s on the inside. A soft plush mattress may be made of memory foam, which will ensure a cozy and comfortable rest. 

What is a Firm Mattress?  

A firm mattress is a type of mattress that is designed to be firm and provide support for the sleeper. Firm mattresses are often used by people who have back problems or need extra support for their body. Firm mattresses are typically made from materials like foam or latex, and they may also have a layer of coils underneath to provide additional support and a firm feel.

A firm mattress will retain its shape more easily and keep your spine and hips aligned evenly. Unlike a plush mattress, a firm mattress will have an even surface that is still comfortable to sleep on. The flat surface will keep your spine aligned with the rest of your body and will evenly distribute pressure throughout your entire body. 

Difference Between Plush and Firm Mattress

There are two main types of mattresses on the market today - plush and firm. Both have their own unique benefits that can appeal to different types of sleepers depending on their sleep position. Back and stomach sleepers may find one type of new mattress more comfortable, while combination sleepers may tend to gravitate towards the other. Plush mattresses are typically softer and more comfortable, while firm mattresses provide more support and may be better for people with back pain. Ultimately, when choosing between a plush and a firm mattress, it's important to choose a mattress that feels comfortable for you and provides the level of support you need.

Other Mattress Firmness Options 

It’s important to realize that mattresses aren’t either super soft or super firm, it’s more like a scale that better measures different comfort levels. Other factors, like being a back or stomach sleeper, can affect what type of mattress will be the most comfortable for you. Some might find that a mattress is too firm while others might think that the same mattress feels like it is not firm enough. You may find that your ideal mattress is somewhere in the middle, but there is no need to fret. We’ll help you figure out where your dream mattress is on the scale. 

Firm vs Plush Mattress: Which Is Right for Your Sleep Position? 

Would a firm or soft mattress be better for a side sleeper? 

A side sleeper is a very common sleep position. Most side sleepers and combination sleepers prefer to sleep on a soft mattress with a little bit of cushion. A 12–14-inch mattress will provide plenty of comfortable cushioning to support the shoulders and hips while sleeping on your side. Sven & Son’s Signature 14” Hybrid mattress is perfect for anyone who’s looking for additional support and comfort and like plush mattresses. This mattress will feel less firm and comes with several comfort layers that help take weight off pressure points and pain in your neck, back, and hips. This mattress also is designed with individual coils that will act as additional support. These coils also reduce bed noise and make transitioning in and out of bed easier. 

14 Inch Mattress



What if I’m a Stomach Sleeper? 

Medium firm mattress is the best for stomach sleepers. A firm mattress will keep your spine straight and aligned so you won't sink in like you would on a plush mattress . Sven & Son’s Signature 10" Mattress is perfect for anyone who loves to sleep on a firm bed but is looking for a comfortable memory foam bed.  

10 Inch Mattress


What if I'm a Back Sleeper?

If you're a back sleeper, your mattress should provide medium to firm support to keep your spine aligned while you sleep. A mattress that's too soft will allow your spine to fall out of alignment, which can cause pain. If you have chronic back pain, you may want to consider a firmer mattress to help keep your spine aligned.

Plush and Firm Mattresses: Overview and Benefits 

Who Should Choose a Plush Mattress? 

A plush mattress is best for individuals that struggle with back and hip pain. A plush mattress, around 12 to 14 inches, will sink your body into it and take pressure off the joints in your body. A traditional mattress may not provide the same benefits. A plush mattress is also a great option for people who are looking for a more comfortable solution.  If you struggle with back or hip pain from a health condition, make sure to speak with a healthcare professional about what is best for your personal needs.  

Sven & Son’s Signature 12” mattress is perfect for those who are looking for something that will provide a little more cushion than a medium-firm mattress would, but don’t want something that is too plush. 

12 Inch Mattress

Who Shouldn’t Use a Plush Mattress? 

Stomach or back sleepers will benefit more from using a firm mattress rather than a plush one. A firm mattress will have a stable even surface to sleep on and won’t hug your body into it as a plush mattress would.  

Sleeping on a firm mattress doesn't mean you're in for an uncomfortable night. These mattresses are still comfortable and supportive to sleep on, especially for those who hate to feel like they’re sinking into their mattress.  

Drawbacks of a Plush Mattress 

One of the drawbacks of sleeping on a plush mattress is that it's too plush. People who have mobility issues may find it more difficult to get in and out of bed because of the sinking feeling. Also, individuals with a heavier body weight may find that the sinking feeling causes more pain than comfort in the morning. Luckily, we thought of a solution for this. Sven & Son’s mattresses are designed to offer support throughout the entire night, whether it be on our Signature 12” medium or our Signature 10” firm.  

Drawbacks of a Firm Mattress 

A firm mattress may take some time to get used to and can feel almost uncomfortable in the beginning. This feeling will gradually become less noticeable, especially if it’s a brand-new mattress. Side and stomach sleepers generally find it hard to sleep properly on these mattresses because they struggle to get comfortable. Sven & Son’s 10” Signature firm mattress allows those who toss and turn throughout the night to have just the right amount of leverage they need to do so, but with all the comfort they need to get a restful night’s sleep. 

FAQ About Plush vs Firm Mattress 

Are firm or plush mattresses better? 

There is no right answer! Everyone has different comfort needs when it comes to sleeping. The ‘better’ mattress will be one that caters to all your personal comfort needs, whether it be plush or firm! If you’re still confused on what type of mattress is the best for you, check out our mattress quiz to see our recommendations 

Is a plush or firm mattress better for back pain?

When it comes to which is better for your back pain, we recommend investing in a memory foam mattress with a medium-firm feel. This mattress is the best choice because the memory foam will help support the spine, which aids in relieving back pain. For more information on how to relieve back pain in bed, read our blog post about the recommended adjustments for back pain

Do hotels use plush or firm mattresses? 

Most people prefer their mattress to be in the middle of the firmness scale. Because of this, most hotels will purchase mattresses that fall somewhere in the middle of being too firm or too soft. Sven & Son’s 12 Signature Memory Foam mattress is great for those who love the feeling of a cozy hotel mattress after a long day. 

Can plush mattresses be too soft? 

A mattress being too soft or too firm is entirely based on opinion. Mattresses should provide adequate support and ideally be suited for different sleepers. There is no standard for “too soft” or “too firm,” just whatever you prefer! Luckily, many mattresses have a comfort exchange policy. Make sure to research the mattress's comfort exchange or warranty policy before purchasing. Read our warranty blog post for more information on Sven & Son’s warranty and comfort exchange policy. 

Is a firm or soft mattress better for hip pain? 

If you're looking for relief from hip pain, we recommend Sven & Son’s Signature 12” Memory Foam mattress. This medium-firm mattress should be soft enough for comfortable support, but still firm enough that you won’t feel like you’re sinking in. Just like with any important purchase, make sure to research the mattress’s comfort exchange and warranty policy before purchasing it. 

What about a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a great way to add an extra layer of comfort to your bed. It can also help to prolong the life of your mattress by protecting it from wear and tear. There are a variety of different types of mattress toppers available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.



Finding the right mattress can be difficult. When mattress shopping, it is important to remember that mattress shopping is a very personal thing, and you may feel differently from other people's reviews and opinions. Make sure to try out a mattress and lay on it in various positions so you can tell which one is best for you. Whether you are shopping in person or online, always make sure to look at the exchange or return policy for a mattress. Sleeping is important to us and making sure you are sleeping on the best mattress for you is one of the best ways to start improving your sleep quality. 



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