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Sleep When the Baby Sleeps… and Then Some!

Sleep When the Baby Sleeps… and Then Some!

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful parts of life. It's truly something to celebrate. The majority of new parents will tell you that they are beyond exhausted. Getting up throughout the night takes a toll on a person. Expectant mothers will also tell you about how tired they are during pregnancy. Expectant and new parents must get plenty of sleep.  

As I mentioned above, expectant mothers need plenty of rest during their pregnancy. Not only does sleep help with the mother's health, but it also affects the baby's health. Sleep-deprived mothers tend to experience the following more than well-rested mothers:  

  1. More swelling 
  2. Painful labors 
  3. Extreme weight gain  
  4. Higher rates for c-section  
  5. Pre-term birth 

Those are just some of the effects of not getting enough sleep when pregnant.  

Another effect of sleep deprivation is depression. Depression can be crippling for expectant and new mothers. Even without depression, most new parents struggle with adjusting to their new norm. The more rest parents get, the better they can keep up with their new baby!  

I have heard some crazy sleep deprivation stories from expectant mothers. Do you have/know of any? Share your stories with us by tagging us @svenandson and using the hashtag #praying4sleep. 



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