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Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors of 2022: What the industry thinks

Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors of 2022: What the Industry Thinks

How is it possible that the adjustable bed industry is booming, but everyone feels like they have never heard of one? As word spreads about these amazing beds and their features they are quickly becoming less and less of a secret. There are many other options on the market as competition rises, so how do you know you are getting the best of the best not only for you, but your wallet too?   

Sven & Son can help with that and all your sleep-related questions. Although Sven & Son has only been around since 2014, we have risen to the top of the charts as one of the best options.  

Sven & Son even ranked at 3 of the top 10 spots in Forbes Health for “Best Adjustable Beds for Seniors of 2022



But first, what is an adjustable bed?  

What is an adjustable bed?

Simply put, an adjustable base is a bed base for your mattress of choice to rest on instead of the traditional flat box spring. It allows you to adjust throughout the night as needed with a motor that allows you to raise your feet, head, and more.   

Sven & Son is the latest on the high-end adjustable bed on the market, and yet it costs reasonably less than most other advanced adjustable beds. Here are a few things that set Sven & Son apart from other brands:  

  • In terms of adjustments, there is absolutely no match to the range of head and feet level adjustments offered by Sven & Son. With the majority of Sven & Son bases, you can lift the head section up to a maximum of 75 degrees which is the highest in any adjustable bed. The foot section up to 45 degrees is again the highest in industry.  
  • Sven & Son is the only adjustable bed that offers both lumbar adjustment as well as pillow tilting but costs significantly less than most advanced adjustable beds.   
  • Sven & Son has the most straightforward and transparent warranty in the industry. There is no fine print and no hidden clauses.  


Where to Start:

How do we begin to shop? How do you know if you even need an adjustable bed base? If you have back or neck pain, snore, are post-surgery or going into surgery, need help with additional mobility at night, or just want a better night’s rest; then an adjustable bed base is going to be for you!  

Back and Neck Pain:  

You do not need to have a major injury to find yourself sore waking up in the morning. A long day bent over your computer at work, or chores over the weekend, you can strain your spine and neck and twist out of alignment. Lying flat on your back is one of the ideal sleeping positions to be in, but it also causes your shoulders to droop down.  

The Bliss adjustable bed base allows you to better evenly distribute your weight and follow the spine's natural curve. Elevating your legs and bringing your knees up by about 30 degrees can help. It also has built-in lumbar support that you can adjust to your comfort level to help relieve back pain throughout the night. Do not forget to set the memory in the remote for quick access to your perfect sleep setting every night! 


We all either know someone who snores, or we are the one who snores. What is snoring though? Snoring happens when there is a narrowing of the airway which makes it harder for air to get through the nose or mouth. There are a variety of factors to consider with snoring including weight, age, and the airway itself. Using the zero-gravity feature is ideal to alleviate snoring. It lifts both the head and feet up and removes the pressure from the body and airway.  

To say good-bye to snoring check out the Classic from Sven & Son. 


The time after surgery is important for rest and healing. An adjustable bed can help reduce swelling by allowing you the freedom to sleep in the best position to fit your needs. When you lift your legs, this helps promote better blood flow versus lying flat on your back. It can take a lot of strain to sit up as well after surgery. Being in an already propped-up position can make getting out of bed easier. 

Better Night’s Rest:  

Overall, an adjustable bed base can provide a better night's rest for anyone. The benefits are impossible to avoid with the added comfort of the massage feature and raising up your feet at night to promote spine health and blood flow. 

If you aren’t sure just yet of your needs check out our full line of options here, you won’t be disappointed.


Adjustable Beds and Seniors:

When you are ready to make the move to an adjustable bed base it can be hard to sift through all the new and exciting features that are out there on the market. Which one will work best for you and your needs? Which product has the best new big thing that everyone else doesn't?  

Sven & Son sets itself apart by not only the great price point but the value for your money as well. Most adjustable beds range from $1,000 - to $3,000 but are you getting the best bang for your buck?

Sven & Son’s top-of-the-line series is the Platinum for $2,995. A few things to consider when looking at the features of your next base would be: 

  1. Mobility of the motors: Sven & Son bases have a variety of range of motion depending on which base you are looking at!. The Platinum’s leg up feature allows for up to 45 degrees and the head up feature 75 degrees.  
  2. Massage: The massage feature brings a relaxing vibration to your body while trying to get to sleep. This added with a comfy blanket and a cool room can help lull just about anyone to sleep. 
  3. Head Tilt: This is a unique feature to most bases where just the pillow portion of the base can tilt up. This helps to keep your head in alignment with your spine throughout the night and can help keep your airway open by taking pressure off your head.  
  4. Adjustable leg height: Being able to change the height of your bed base can make a major difference in mobility. Sven & Son bed bases come with adjustable leg height. For the Classic, Classic+, and Bliss come in increments of 3-inch, 6-inch, and 9 inches, the Platinum is at a 9-inch height and the Essential is a fixed 12-inch option.  
  5. Lumbar Support: Lower back pain is a common complaint we hear. The Sven & Son Platinum series adjustable base comes with the ability to find that perfect position each night while providing much needed lower back support. 

Hospital Bed vs Commercial Bed:

When you are comparing a commercial adjustable bed to a hospital bed, there are two main differences that you need to take into consideration: the manual adjustment option and vertical adjustment.  

  • The manual adjustment option that comes with the hospital bed allows for a manual lever to change position of the base. This is a great solution in case the power goes out.  
  • Hospital beds also come with the ability for vertical adjustment. This allows you to move the bed up and down. It makes getting in and out of bed easier for someone in need of extra assistance.  

Commercial adjustable bed bases are still a great option for a hospital bed replacement although they are typically not covered by Medicare. Make sure to talk with your insurance provider to see what options they may have for you.   


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