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Seven Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Zero Gravity Sleep Position

Seven Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Zero Gravity Sleep Position

We’ve heard the commotion and talk about zero-gravity and how it is changing the sleeping game. There are many unknowns about what zero gravity is and how it benefits you when you are sleeping. Let’s bring some light to this subject and cover our most frequently asked questions:   

>What is a zero-gravity bed? 

>What is zero gravity sleep position? 

>Is sleeping in zero gravity good for you? 

>Benefits of a zero gravity bed.  

>Zero gravity bed complaints. 

>Zero gravity bed position for side sleepers. 

>How to get zero gravity position on adjustable bed? 


What is a zero-gravity bed? 

A zero-gravity bed is an adjustable bed frame that lifts your body into a zero-gravity position. The frame of the bed adjusts at the touch of a button so that your head and feet are raised above your heart, which assists with many health benefits. All of Sven & Son bed frames offer this feature to help you get a better night's rest!  


What is zero gravity sleep position? 

When sleeping in the zero-gravity position, your knees, torso and head are raised slightly above your stomach. This position is typically set at a 120-degree angle; however, it can be adjusted to achieve whatever is most comfortable for you. Sleeping in this position will help take stress off your body for a better night's rest.  


Is sleeping in zero gravity good for you? 

On top of achieving a better night's rest, sleeping in zero gravity has multiple health benefits. Sleeping in the zero-gravity position can help you relax better and fall asleep faster.

When laying on a typical mattress, you may wake up in the morning with a sore back or stiff neck. You may notice while laying on a traditional mattress that some parts of your body are fully supported by the mattress, while others are not. A mattress will absorb stress and tension in the body; however, it cannot absorb the pressure from the parts of your body that do not rest on it. These gaps between your mattress and your body may be the culprit of your morning pains. Sleeping in a zero-gravity position on an adjustable bed will adjust the mattress to the natural curve of your body by elevating your legs and head so that your spine rests in a comfortable position. 


Benefits of a zero gravity bed 

Sleeping in a zero-gravity bed has several health benefits. The zero-gravity sleep position raises your legs to about chest level, so your torso and legs are equal angles from your hips and your torso and head are higher up. While sleeping in this position is not a guaranteed solution to insomnia, the distribution of pressure throughout the body may help you relax and fall asleep faster. 

Sleeping in zero gravity aids in a number of things.

Sleeping with your head raised relieves pressure on your throat and neck and helps open your airway more. This can help you sleep better and snore less. While sleeping in this position, your head and torso are above your stomach, which can reduce heartburn and acid reflux in the morning. Sleeping with your legs slightly raised promotes better circulation through the body. Better circulation can help reduce the chance of blood clots and reduce swollen hands and feet. Sven & Son’s Bliss series offers lumbar support for those who struggle with back pain throughout the day or when waking up.  

Zero-gravity bed complaints 

While there are many benefits to sleeping in the zero-gravity position, there are some complaints when sleeping on an adjustable bed.  

When the bed is raised, the mattress shifts away from the nightstand and sometimes out of reach.  

Luckily, Sven & Son thought of a solution to this! Our Platinum Series adjustable base slides back as your head raises up. This feature, better known as the wall-hugger, allows you to stay level to your headboard and closer to your nightstand.  

Many people who own adjustable beds complain about the compatibility with bedroom accessories, like sheets and headboards.

Sven & Son’s Classic, Classic +, and Bliss series include adjustable legs up to  12”, and our Platinum series includes adjustable legs up to 9”. With adjustable legs, you can change the height of your bed to best suit your needs or preferences.

All Sven & Son mattresses are also compatible with any current bed linens you may own for a traditional mattress. However, we do recommend that when shopping for bed sheets for our mattresses that you select a deep pocket sheet, just to ensure full coverage of the mattress 


Side-Sleeping on a zero-gravity bed 

Side sleepers may find that they have a hard time achieving a comfortable position. Once you are able to find yourself a comfortable position in zero gravity your body will soon reap the benefits! Zero gravity allows your spine to stay in alignment even when you are sleeping on your side.

An adjustable base can also help alleviate stress on your shoulders that you may experience from sleeping on your side on a traditional mattress. We recommend that side sleepers sleep on their right side, sleeping on your right side opens up your chest cavity more while sleeping on your left creates pressure on your heart. 

How to get zero gravity position on adjustable bed? 

Obtaining the zero-gravity position on your adjustable mattress is easy with the bed's remote. Keep in mind while adjusting your mattress, that you want to raise your head and torso above your stomach, and raise your legs so that it is level with your chest. It may help to think of a 120-degree angle when adjusting your bed to the zero-gravity position to get a better idea of what this might look like. It's important to explore the different type of settings and angles to find what position is the most comfortable for you. All of Sven & Sons adjustable bases come with memory preset technology, so that when you find what is most comfortable for you, your mattress will remember it for you in the future. 

All of Sven and Son’s adjustable bed frames come with a wireless remote with several options to adjust the frame to what is most comfortable to you. One of these options is a zero-gravity position button. Clicking this button will automatically adjust the mattress to a 120-degree angle so that sleeping in zero gravity isn't a hassle. 


To us, there are no stupid questions! Learning about a new way to sleep can be confusing, and we’re still learning about all the benefits from sleeping in the zero-gravity position. We’re more than happy to bring some light to this new subject, especially when the zero-gravity position could be the key to getting the best night’s sleep possible for you! 



Leighanne is a marketing intern at Sven & Son. When she's not learning about all things sleep-related, she loves to spend her days reading and going on walks with her dogs. Leighanne hopes to one day travel around the world and write about her experiences.