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What is an Adjustable Bed?

What is an Adjustable Bed?

>What Else Should I Know About Adjustable Beds?  
>Adjustable Bed FAQs 


All the magic of an adjustable bed starts in the base. The base has several hinges in it so it can be moved into different positions independently. Quiet motors in the base power it to move to your desired sleep position, all at the touch of a button. An adjustable bed base may include other useful features not necessarily sleep-related like under-bed LED lighting and USB ports to charge your phone.  Whether you are looking to elevate your upper half to alleviate medical conditions like sleep apnea, chronic pain, poor circulation, acid reflux, to help to reduce snoring, or just to make it more comfortable while watching tv in bed, the adjustability that comes with these beds is unmatched. Get a better night's sleep with the benefits of adjustable beds.

How Do Adjustable Beds Work?  

An adjustable bed is a bed that can move in different positions due to the multi-hinged base. These hinges allow the base to raise and lower different sections of the base. One of the common adjustments for this bed is inclining the top of the bed and raising the lower half. Sitting on the bed in this adjusted position will keep your knees bent and your upper body inclined forward. Adjustable beds come in different shapes, sizes, and have all sorts of useful features that will improve your quality of sleep. 

Why Get an Adjustable Base? 

Whether trying to improve your sleep quality or for health reasons, adjustable beds are a great way to update your bedroom. These bases can help relieve pressure from your joints by adjusting your body into a supportive and comfortable position. With the leftover stress taken off of your body that a traditional bed can't eliminate, you're sure to achieve a better night of rest. An adjustable bed has multiple height options can also be positioned in other ways that are beneficial to your health, such as, inclining your legs above your heart to improve circulation.  

Who Will Benefit from an Adjustable Bed?  

Anyone can benefit from using an ergonomic adjustable bed. Unlike with most traditional beds, sleeping and relaxing is much more comfortable. An adjustable bed base can also assist those who struggle with health conditions. Sleeping with your head slightly inclined keeps your airways open and helps prevent snoring, as well as asthma flare-ups. For more information about how an adjustable bed can help those with medical conditions rest better at night, read our blog post on doctors' recommendations for adjustable beds. Adjustable beds are also a great solution for those who need a hospital bed, but still want to sleep comfortably at night. Let’s be honest, hospital beds aren’t known to be comfortable. On the other hand, adjustable beds are designed to maximize comfort and fit in a home setting. An adjustable base does what most hospital beds can do, raising the head, upper body, and feet positions individually or together. If you’re looking for a hospital bed alternative, make sure to talk to a sleep expert and your doctor to ensure that an adjustable bed is a right fit for you. 

Are Adjustable Beds More Comfortable?  

One of the amazing qualities adjustable bed's have is how personalized it can be. As we mentioned before, simply adjusting the mattress so it contours to your body better is a surefire way to be more comfortable while sleeping.  You're able to use your base's remote control to adjust the bed to your specific comfort needs. Depending on your desired bed size, some adjustable bases come with a “split” option that can move each side of the bed individually. This way, sharing your bed with someone means that each side can have complete customization control to what is more comfortable without interfering with each other. In our opinion, there's no contest.  


What Else Should I Know About Adjustable Beds?  

Best Basic Adjustable Bed 

An adjustable bed is a large purchase. We believe that each purchase should include some must-have features besides the basic head and foot tilt. Sven & Son’s Classic series has all the basic features you’ll need for an adjustable bed. The Classic series has up to a 75° head tilt and up to 45° leg tilt, and comes with dual massage motors. This series also includes mattress retention bars at the end of the bed, so the mattress doesn't slip down the bed as you adjust, under-bed LED lighting, and two USB ports.  

Best Adjustable Bed and Mattress Bundle 

When purchasing an adjustable bed, customers often find they would also like a new mattress. For this reason, we offer our customers the option to bundle their choice of an adjustable base and mattress in one purchase. According to our customer feedback and quiz results, the most preferred bundle is the Bliss Series adjustable base paired with the Signature 12” gel memory foam mattress.  Sven & Son’s mattresses are made of memory foam, which works best with adjustable bases. If you're curious if your current mattress will work for an adjustable base, read our blog post on if an adjustable base can ruin your current mattress.  

While this might be the most popular combination we see from our customer feedback, sleeping is a very personal thing. What we recommend or that others like the most could be different from your own sleeping preferences. If you're unsure what base and mattress is the best for you, take our quizzes to find out what your perfect fit is. 

Best Adjustable Bed for Back Pain  

Back pain is one of the biggest complaints we hear from customers about their old bed. Using the leg tilt feature on an adjustable bed to incline your lower body can be extremely helpful when looking to relieve back pain. By adjusting your head and feet, you shift your body weight to take the pressure off your back, thus relieving back pain. Adjustable beds can also be customized to fit each individual's sleep needs, which can further help to alleviate back pain.  

Best Adjustable Bed Overall 

As far as overall features go, Sven & Son’s Platinum series is the best that we have to offer. The Platinum series is our top-of-the-line model, which includes all features from other series. The Platinum series adjustable bed includes head and foot articulation, LED under-bed lighting, has zero clearance/platform compatibility, dual USB ports, and has adjustable legs up to 9”. This series also includes other features such as individual pillow tilt and lumbar support, zero gravity and memory presets, and a dual massage button. Exclusive to the Platinum series, the wall-hugger feature keeps your base. Exclusive to the Platinum series, the wall-hugger feature keeps your base close to the wall as you adjust into your favorite positions, keeping your nightstand within reach. 


Best Adjustable Bed Base With Easy Setup  

If you don’t select in-home set up with the purchase of your adjustable base, you’ll have to assemble the base yourself. Many customers will request in-home assembly because of how heavy the base can be, which varies depending on the size and base, but actually putting the base together is relatively simple. We made it easy by uploading videos on our website showing how to assemble your Sven & Son adjustable bed base.  

Best Quiet Adjustable Bed Base 

From my experience, all of Sven & Son’s bases are relatively quiet. While there is bound to be some noise from the base, it's barely perceptible. The sound is extremely quiet, and you would most likely not be heard over a TV playing or possibly waking up your partner while adjusting in the middle of the night. It's important to stay on top of regular maintenance for your adjustable bed to make sure that the motors are working properly. These motors power everything; too much weight or strain can make your adjustable bed malfunction. Using a mattress that is too heavy can potentially damage these motors or your mattresses. Make sure to research what your manufacturers' recommendations are for the base.   

Something to keep in mind...  

As stated before, everyone is different. If something doesn't work out, we’ve got you covered. Sleep satisfaction is important to us, which is why Sven & Son has one of the best warranties in the industry. As with any purchase, make sure to fully read the warranty and return information for your particular product before fully purchasing it. For more information about our warranties, you can view our warranty page on our website, or read our blog post about our warranties. If you are confused about anything regarding our warranties or comfort exchanges, don’t hesitate to call one of our sleep experts at (904) 474-9998.  


Adjustable Bed FAQs 

Can I Put a Regular Mattress On An Adjustable Bed Frame?  

Yes! In general, bases, mattresses, and furniture measurements are standard for the size bed you want. If you're wanting to keep your current mattress and just update your base, your current size mattress will work with the base, assuming  you bought the same size. If you have any questions regarding measurements, our customer service team is happy to help you

Does an Adjustable Bed Help With Sciatic? 

Adjustable beds can help relieve symptoms of sciatica to help you get better sleep. For more information, read our blog post about doctor's recommendations. This article also covers other health conditions, like Sleep Apnea or Spinal Stenosis 

Are Adjustable Beds Good For Side Sleepers? 

Yes, side sleepers are able to use adjustable beds. From our experience, we have no trouble sleeping on our side while the base is adjusted. It might take a while to find the best adjustments for your bed while you sleep. Understanding your remote and trying it out is the best way to find what is most comfortable for you. We have detailed other ways to get used to your adjustable bed in this blog post, so be sure to read that for more information. 

Are Adjustable Beds Bad For Your Back? 

Adjustable beds are great for relieving back pain. Switching to different positions on your adjustable bed can help alleviate different types of back pain. One of our favorite presets on our remotes is zero-gravity, in which the base adjusts so your body is positioned at 120°. For more information about this position, read our post about zero gravity sleep and its benefits

Is It Worth It to Buy an Adjustable Base? 

To answer the question “are adjustable beds worth it,” we look at the primary benefits and the costs for various conditions and reasons customers may have. The answer is a resounding YES for us. The pros of sleeping on an adjustable base are well worth the cost. Our warranty has you covered, just in case it's not the fit for you. Let us know if you think adjustable beds are worth it or not by commenting or tagging us on our social media!  




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