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Oh Snap! The Flu is Back

Oh Snap! The Flu is Back

Stocking up on "sick supplies" is always a good idea. But there is one thing that is probably more important than anything else 

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but with all the festivities come the flu and, in today's world, COVID-19. It's crucial to have our immune systems in their best fighting form with so many viruses going around.  

As kids, our parents would take care of us when we were sick. Maybe they gave you a ton of chicken noodle soup to the point of never wanting it again; or perhaps they made you drink enough Gatorade to supply a high school football team. Whatever it was, parents have certain routines for when their kid is sick.   

As adults, we usually have to take care of ourselves when we are sick. We start to try and think of all the things our parents did for us as kids because it usually worked. We stock up on chicken noodle soup, Gatorade, medicine, and so forth, to help us better prepare for the onslaught of symptoms.  

Stocking up on "sick supplies" is always a good idea, but there is one thing that is probably more important than anything.  


That's right. Sleeping is essential to feeling better when you are sick, and even before that. Having a healthy sleep routine helps build up the immune system, which in turn can prevent illness. However, that doesn't mean you can't fall ill. Once you are sick, it is just as vital that you get plenty of sleep. Research shows that if you sleep even more than what is recommended while you are sick, this can help your immune system recover.  

With flu season in full effect and COVID-19 lingering around like an unwanted party guest, we can't stress enough how important it is to get the recommended number of hours of sleep. Not only will this strengthen your immune system, but it will also help fight off viruses.  


Fun Fact: Did you know that when you are asleep, your body isn't? Even though you are resting, your body is working hard to rejuvenate and restore itself. It's almost like a reboot or restart.  




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