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Do Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses?

Do Adjustable Beds Ruin Mattresses?

With all the recent hype about adjustable beds, we’ve been doing our best to answer some of the most asked questions about them. One of the questions that we hear is “Will an adjustable bed ruin my current mattress?” The answer is somewhat complicated, but don’t worry! We're here to guide you. 

No, an adjustable bed can’t ruin your mattress. However, your current mattress may not be the best fit for an adjustable base. Some mattresses are made with different materials that simply don’t mix well with adjustable bases and its different features. If you have one of these mattresses, sleeping on an adjustable base may not be comfortable. Below, we’ll talk more about what mattresses are best for an adjustable base and why. 


>Adjustable bases
>Do you need a special mattress for an adjustable bed 
>Will my current mattress work for an adjustable bed?
>What mattresses work best for an adjustable bed? 
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Adjustable bases  

In order to fully understand which mattress is best to use with an adjustable base, it's important to understand how they work. Adjustable bases have many moving parts that help adjust your mattress into different positions. For example, sleeping in the zero-gravity position, your body is at a 120-degree angle, and the base bends and adjusts to accommodate for it 

Because an adjustable base is an important investment for better rest, it's important to know how it works so you don't inadvertently damage it. Using a mattress that is too heavy can potentially damage these motors or mattress. Make sure to research what your manufacturers' recommendations are for the base. 


Do you need a special mattress for an adjustable bed 

There's not a “special mattress” you need to buy to sleep on an adjustable bed.  However, not all mattresses will work properly. The base of an adjustable bed moves your body in various positions, so you’ll want your mattress to accommodate for that. We recommend that you look for some key features your current mattress may have before deciding to buy a new one.  


Will my current mattress work for an adjustable bed?  

The flexibility of your mattress is important. An adjustable bed has several moving parts for different sleep positions, so you’ll want your mattress to be flexible. A thicker mattress is more difficult to bend, so it's best to stick with something thinner but still supportive.  

The weight of the mattress is also something to keep in mind when examining your current mattress, or when looking into buying a new one. Using a heavier mattress on an adjustable base could result in potentially damaging the bases motors.  

We recommend that you keep these features in mind so you don’t potentially damage your current mattress. If the mattress you own isn't ideal for an adjustable base, it could wear out faster from moving it in different positions it wasn’t designed for.  As long as your current mattress has the key features we mentioned, there shouldn’t be more wear and tear than is normally expected.  


What mattresses work best for an adjustable bed? 

Memory foam is considered to be one of the best mattresses to use for an adjustable bed.  These mattresses are able to mold to the natural shape of your body in response to heat and pressure. Memory foam is designed to keep you cool throughout the night by evenly distributing your body heat throughout the mattresses. 

Latex mattresses are typically manufactured with a mix of latex and reflex foam, meaning that they can easily return to their original shape. Due to its flexibility, a latex mattress is a great choice for an adjustable bed. 


Sven & Son Mattresses   

At Sven & Son, we want to make sure everyone's particular sleeping needs are met. Our mattresses are made of memory foam to maximize comfort and support for everyone by supporting your entire body and eliminating pressure points in your hips. Aside from creating a mattress that is ideal for an adjustable bed, our mattresses have different variations of softness so anyone can enjoy them. Learning about new mattresses can be confusing, especially when you're looking for one for your adjustable base.


If you're confused on what Sven & Son mattress would be best for you, check out our mattress quiz! 



We designed our Luxury 10-inch memory foam mattress for those who prefer their mattress to be firm. This mattress is still soft enough to fully support your body while still being firm enough that your body doesn't fully sink into the mattress. 


Our Luxury 12-inch mattress is designed for those who prefer to sleep on something soft, but not plush. This mattress has a flex support layer made of foam for that little extra bit of softness that our 10-inch doesn't include. 


The Luxury 14-inch hybrid mattress is the softest mattress that Sven & Son currently offers. This mattress is for those who prefer a thicker mattress, without being incompatible for adjustable bases. This mattress has a layer of air flow gel to make sure you stay cool at night.


An adjustable bed will not ruin your current mattress. However, it's important to remember that lightweight flexible mattresses are ideal for adjustable beds to prevent damage to the base’s motors. As long as your mattress is ‘compatible’ with an adjustable bed, there should not be more wear and tear compared to use on a standard bed frame. 




Leighanne is the marketing intern at Sven & Son. When she's not learning about all things sleep-related, she loves to spend her days reading and going on walks with her dogs. Leighanne hopes to one day travel around the world and write about her experiences.